How To Play

Hooch Stooges Rules


Hooch Stooges is a deckbuilding territory control game for two to six players. In Hooch Stooges, players are gang-leaders who gain and spend hooch to take over the city and defeat their opponent’s HQ’s. You win by keeping your HQ safe and being the last player standing.

Game Set Up:

Shuffle the turf deck and create a diagram of turf cards, depending on the number of players. Each player chooses a color and takes its matching territory tokens and HQ token, placing their HQ token onto their HQ turf card. They now control those turf cards. Set up the city according to the diagram below:

Hooch Stooges can be played with 2 to 6 players

Each player takes together a starting deck of three Faceless Goons, one attack, and six Free Money cards. Each player shuffles their deck and takes five cards to create their starting hand. Create the lineup by shuffling the main deck and revealing five cards into a row. Place the hooch tokens nearby. Each player gets the territory tokens that match the color of their HQ token in their play area. Choose a player to go first.


Starting with the first player, and moving clockwise, each player takes their turn by following three steps: Control step, Main step, and Cleanup step.

  • Control Step:

    During a player’s Control step, that player gains hooch tokens from the center of the table equal to the number of turf cards they have territory tokens on.

  • Main Step:

    During a player’s Main step that player may play cards, discard cards to gain hooch, buy cards from the lineup, and spend hooch for hooch effects indicated on the Hooch Chart. These actions may be taken in any order and repeated as often the player can afford.

    • Play Cards:

      The active player may play cards from their hand. If the card is a stooge card, the player puts the card into play face up in front of them. They now control that stooge. Stooges remain in play until they are defeated. If the card is a scheme card, the player completes the effect of the scheme card and puts it into their discard pile.

    • Discard Cards to Gain Hooch:

      Cards from your hand may be discarded to gain hooch tokens. The amount of hooch gained is located on the right-side radio knob of the card.

    • Buying Cards from the Lineup:

      Each card in the lineup has a cost located on the left radio dial. To buy a card from the lineup, the player spends hooch tokens equal to the cost of the card and puts the card in their discard pile. Whenever a card is removed from the lineup, replace it with the top card from the main deck immediately. A player cannot buy a card from the lineup unless they have the hooch to pay for it.

    • Buying effects from the Hooch Chart:

      During their main phase, a player may spend any number of their hooch tokens to attempt to gain the effect listed on the following chart next to the chosen hooch cost. Spending hooch in this manner requires a police check die roll first (see police checks). A player may not attempt to gain an effect if they do not have enough hooch to pay for it.

    • Hooch Chart:

    • 1: Replace any card in the lineup with the top card of the main deck.
    • 2: During police checks this turn, you do not get busted when rolling 1’s.
    • 3: Draw a card from your deck.
    • 4: Each opponent discards a card.
    • 5: Take any card from the lineup and put it into your discard pile.
    • 6: Attack.
    • 30: Destroy an opponent’s HQ token! That player is eliminated!!!
    • Attacking:

      Cards may not be played during an attack and effects from the Hooch Chart may not be used. When an effect tells a player to attack, the player chooses a turf to attack. They may choose a turf they control or a turf that is adjacent to a turf they control. The player attacks that turf and is the attacking player for this attack. If the turf is controlled by another player, the other player is the defending player for this attack. The defending player may choose to try to stop the attack by assigning any number of stooges they control to block the attack.

      Each HQ territory counts as having three health. Each non-HQ territory counts as having one health. For an attack to be successful, the attacking player must eliminate all opposing health with their Stooges – from the turf itself and from blocking Stooges. To attempt this, the attacking player chooses one of their stooges and turn it sideways to indicate that it has been used in this attack. Turning a card sideways is called “swinging” the card. When it is straightened, it is called “unswung.” If a card is swinging, a player cannot swing it again until it has been unswung. The attacking player chooses one of the defending cards with health to be targeted by their swinging stooge and rolls a die. A turf cannot be targeted if the defending player still has other stooges in the attack. If the die roll plus the attack bonus of the swinging stooge is equal to or higher than the targeted stooge’s health, put the targeted stooge into the defending player’s discard pile. The attacking player continues this process until they have swung with all their stooges, or the defending player has no more defending cards.

      If the attacking player’s stooge removes the health from the turf, the attack is successful. Remove any territory token from the turf and the attacking player puts one of their territory tokens on the turf. The attacking player now controls that turf. The attacking player may, at this point only, activate the ability on the turf card by paying the hooch cost listed next to the ability on the turf card.

      If the defending player’s HQ token is discarded, the defending player and all of their cards, and tokens, are removed from the game.

    • Police Checks:

      Whenever a player rolls a die, there are special effects if they roll a 1 or a 6. Whenever a player rolls a 1, whatever action they were taking, a stooge’s attack or hooch effect fails. Also, they must choose one of their stooges in play and discard it, choose a card in their hand and discard it, and lose any hooch tokens they have. If they roll a 6, they may activate the effect from the hooch chart or attacked turf card without paying its hooch cost. If a 6 is rolled during an attack against a defending stooge, the defending stooge is discarded form play.

  • Cleanup Step:

    The active player will unswing all of their stooges, discard any cards remaining in their hand, and draw five new cards. If at any time, a player does not have a card in their deck to draw, shuffle their discard pile into a new deck and then continue drawing. The next player to the left will take the next turn.

Variant – Friendly Match:

Players do not lose when their HQ is taken over. Instead, the first player to control nine turfs is the winner.

Variant – Tournament Play:

Each player builds a deck of 30 of their best Hooch Stooges cards, and each buys cards from their own lineup.