Big Man

Big Man


Big Man was born into old Megacityopolis’ age of violence and chaos. Big Man joined Old Silver’s gang, which was always fighting with other gangs. By controlling the Hooch, Big Man aligned the gangs of old Megacityopolis and took over upon Old Silver’s death. Big Man is fun-loving as he likes being in control, the top dog, the made man.


Big Man always wears sunglasses because he thinks they make him look powerful. He has a thick moustache for the same reason. He wears a blue pin-striped suit with matching hat and bright red tie. He usually smokes a cigar and carries no weapons.


Large and in charge, Big Man likes to hold lavish parties to celebrate the peace he has achieved for Megacityopolis. Every time he is having fun, it is a reminder to him that the cartoon code he imposed is working. However, whenever his minions fail him, it makes him worry that Megacityopolis might fall into chaos again; that he might lose control. As such, he is sure to punish failure or disobedience; especially breaking the cartoon code.

Mad Skills:

Commanding presence, event organization, bookkeeping, persuasion, manipulation, charisma, lie detection, threats, extortion, weapon hording

Fatal Flaw

Overconfidence – When Big Man is having a good time, he feels like he is on top of the world, which can make him shortsighted.


Big Man has a horde of weapons in his mansion, including all the lethal weapons he confiscated when he imposed the cartoon code. He usually carries cigars and a lighter. He drives a white limo.


Big Man was born into a violent time in Megacityopolis’ past. His father and brother were both killed in separate gang shootouts, along with many other people Big Man knew at the time. Big Man joined Old Silver’s gang because it was Old Silver’s rivals that had killed his brother. While Big Man was able to collect many a revenge from the rival gang, he never took any pleasure in it. The violence disgusted him.

Everything changed when Big Man hit a warehouse of the rival gang just outside of Megacityopolis. Under the facility, he found a secret lab with a chemist named Doctor Screws. Doctor Screws had a recipe for a new party favor called Hooch. When consumed, the Hooch would make toons laugh. Big Man knew that he could use the Hooch to turn Megacityoplis from a city of tears to a city of laughter. He killed everyone else who knew about the recipe.

Big Man kept Doctor Screws and his recipe a secret, even from Old Silver. The Hooch was a big hit with the criminal types of Megacityopolis, and they used it to align all the gangs under their control. When Old Silver passed away, Big Man inherited control of all of the city except Chinatown. Emerald Twist maintained control of Chinatown because she did not allow Hooch there. Big Man allowed her to maintain control there as long as Chinatown abided by his cartoon code; a rule that forbade stooges from using lethal weapons.


Old Silver – Big Man was always loyal to Old Silver and never tried to wrestle control away from him, even though Big Man ultimately controlled the Hooch.

The God Grandma – The God Grandma hates Big Man. She feels that he stole her father, Old Silver’s inheritance of crime from her.

Emerald Twist – The uneasy truce between Big Man and Emerald Twist will continue as long as she abides by his cartoon code.

Joe Mamma – Big Man is unaware that Joe is secretly amassing his own criminal empire and also knows the secret recipe of the Hooch.

Billy the Club – Big Man and Megacityopolis’ Mayor, Billy the Club have a symbiotic relationship. While Big Man rules the underground, Billy controls City Hall.


“Put on your grass skirts fellas! It’s tiki party time!”

“Get the hooch, and don’t fail me!”