Billy the Club

Billy the Club


If corruption and malice ever had a child, it would be Billy the Club. Mayor of Megacityopolis, Billy takes so many bribes that he can’t keep track of them all. Most of the bribes are run through his charity, The Quidproquo Foundation. The more money he can pull in, the more political advertising he can do. The more political advertising he can do, the higher offices he can obtain. The higher the office he obtains, the more money he can pull in. There is always room at the top for Billy.


Billy is clean shaven with a sharp haircut. He has a smile that inspires trust from others. He wears a blue suit with a red power tie, giving him a patriotic look. He always keeps his signature club hidden on his person.


Billy is charismatic and inspires trust from other people. Crowds cheer when he gives speeches saying how he will end the corruption in Megacityopolis. He is a witty salesman, punching with jokes that leave people thinking, “Well, that’s a clever thing to say.” He could convince the pope to worship the devil, and indeed may already have. Billy lives by his compulsion to control others.

Mad Skills:

Charisma, persuasion, manipulation, political science, fundraising, subterfuge, law, deception, bureaucracy, fashion

Fatal Flaw

Compromised – By playing both sides of the law, Billy is easily extorted.


Billy’s club is more a symbol of his power than an actual weapon. He has threatened people with it many times, but never actually swung it.


Billy grew up in a travel trailer by the lake. He first ran for office to oppose a law proposed by the Mayor of that time. The law would make permanent living in travel trailers illegal, causing Billy’s family to lose their modest home. The election was not going well for Billy. His competitor had posters all over town decrying the trailers as unsafe, unsanitary, and for the unlawful. Billy was then approached by Joe Mamma, manufacturer of Whistle Travel Trailers. Joe gave Billy a campaign donation for advertising, and evidence that his competitor was attacking the trailers on behalf of slumlord Big Man. Billy became the Mayor of Megacityopolis.

Angered, Big Man sent a squadron of goons lead by Roscoe Sawbuck to permanently remove Billy from office. Billy had anticipated this and made a wise choice by hiring Mal Contempt as his bodyguard. Mal made quick work of Roscoe and the rest of the squadron with her pie cannon. Big Man had no qualms with this because the cartoon code was not broken. Billy then brought Big Man over to his side, by zoning the area adjacent to Megacityopolis’ wastelands as low income housing. Billy’s parents now live there after he had the amusement park built by the lake.

The thing Billy liked most about public office was its effect on his dating life. Every week he was seen out with a new dame, each more stunning than the last. That was until one of them got pregnant with his child. Through the pregnancy, Billy fell in love with her. He lost his soul when she died during childbirth. Billy continues to be a playboy on the dating scene, but his heart isn’t in it. His daughter, Molly, is the only girl he cares about.


Big Man – The corrupt relationship between Billy and Big Man has grown throughout the years. Many secret contracts and shady deals have passed between them. Each thinks of the other as their employee.

Molly Siren – Billy cares deeply for his daughter, but wants her to be the daughter he wants her to be. But instead of following in his footsteps, she wants to become a bank robber. After she was arrested for breaking into the neighborhood market, Billy has grounded her from leaving the house. He is going to be especially mad when he finds out on the police report that she’s changed her last name.

Mal Contempt – Mal is Billy’s right hand woman. She acts as his surrogate for his deals with the underworld of Megacityopolis. He finds her attractive, but won’t date her as it would soil his upstanding reputation in the city.

Kid Gambit – Billy feels no remorse over his loss to Kid. He feels he was taught a valuable lesson during the experience.

The God Grandma – The God Grandma is aware of the deals between Big Man and Billy. She often holds this over Billy’s head unless he cuts her into the deal.


“You rub my wallet, and I will rub yours.”

“What’s wrong with a good family name like The Club?”

“Don’t call me ‘Mayor the Club’, Call me ‘Billy’.”