Desert Posy

Desert Posy


When Desert Posy was a baby, she got bored of her crib. So, she stole a pack of matches from her father and burned it down. Posy thrives on Mayhem and is bored with Big Man’s rule of order and the cartoon code. When Posy’s new employer offered her a chance to burn it all down, she relished the opportunity.


Posey has cold sultry eyes. She wears a red dress and matching flapper hat. She conceals a variety of lethal weapons in her dress.


Posy’s relationships with other people have always been short. At first, some are attracted to the excitement and spontaneity she brings. But it doesn’t take long before they shy away from the mayhem. On one hand, she thinks then they were too boring anyway. On the other, the constant rejection hurts her inside, which only furthers her need for violence and chaos.

Mad Skills:

Larceny, murder, demolitions, concealment, stealth, driving, intimidation, assault, spreading rumors, crochet

Fatal Flaw

Chaotic loop – Posy’s mayhem makes it impossible for her to maintain relationships with others. This increases her need for more chaos.


Posey conceals a wide variety of lethal weapons in her dress: guns, bombs, knives, possibly a rocket launcher. She drives a yellow convertible.


Surprisingly, Desert Posy has a clean criminal record. This is because everyone is afraid of what she would do to them if they turned her in. Similarly, she never abided the cartoon code, but no one told Big Man about it. She is walking chaos and will openly throw bombs at random cars, running away laughing.

Posey and Jimmy Locke often trade favors with one another. While he hots on her constantly, they have never gotten together. She became attracted to Roscoe during a mission where they were sent to destroy one of Billy the Club’s buildings so he could collect the insurance. The bomb failed and wouldn’t explode. Roscoe shot a rocket launcher at the bomb, causing a big explosion. She liked his daring, do whatever it takes, attitude. Unfortunately, like the others, her relationship with Roscoe did not last long. This hurt her particularly because she felt he might have been the one.

Recently, she has been dating Billy the Club. However, she is just using Billy as part of her new employer’s scheme. For this reason, she does not act like herself when around Billy; instead pretending to be the doting girlfriend.


Billy the Club – Posey is currently dating Billy, but this is just a rouse. She is using Billy as part of her employer’s master plot.

Jimmy Locke – Posey and Jimmy trade favors. Currently he owes her for helping him obtain the Maltese MacGuffin.

Mal Contempt – Posy and Mal have not met. However, if they did it is likely the pair would become friends.

Roscoe Sawbuck – Posy’s recent breakup with Roscoe has left he more bitter than usual.

Kid Gambit – Posy’s new employer has hired her to kill Kid gambit and steal the hooch from his warehouse.


“Y’know, the usual… …larceny, murder, hooch”

“Eh, I didn’t like his hubcaps!”