Emerald Twist

Emerald Twist


Emerald is descended from a long dynasty of criminal warlords in her homeland. She immigrated to secure their foothold in Megacityopolis and now controls Chinatown. A truce between her and Big Man has allowed her to keep this control for herself as long as she imposes the cartoon code in her district.


Emerald is as beautiful as she is deadly. She wears a light green dress with a dark green shawl and matching bolo hat. While she carries no weapons, she is always aware of what weapons are in reach of her fast hands.


Emerald believes in strict tradition. She is disciplined by her martial arts training and instills this discipline in her soldiers she trains. She lives her life by spiritual ceremony and ritual.

Mad Skills:

Master of all martial arts, discipline, ceremony, archery, marksmanship, criminal organization, intimidation, deception, kabuki theater

Fatal Flaw

Beholden – Emerald takes orders from her dynasty masters in her homeland. She cannot betray or fail them. They already view the fact that she has not completely dominated Megacityopolis as failure.


Emerald has a large supply of martial arts weapons in her dojo, including the lethal Sword of Death.


From birth until the age of sixteen Emerald was trained in the ways of chi and martial arts by her criminal dynasty family. She was then sent to Megacityopolis to take over the city for the family. She set up shop in an immigrant district known as Chinatown. With access to her family’s fortune she rebuilt the district and became its master. The buildings of Chinatown are laden with gold trim.

The bosses of old Megacityopolis, including Old Silver, sought to regain control of her district. However, they were not prepared to deal with her army of ninjas. Even still, they refused to bow to her control. She devised a plan to take out each of the rival gangs when something happened that she did not expect. Hooch arrived in Megacityopolis and old silver used it to align all the gangs under his control. Even worse, when her soldiers consumed the hooch, they would lose all of their martial arts abilities. There is no use for a giggling ninja.

Emerald banned the use of hooch in Chinatown and began training a new generation of warriors. One of these warriors was Ken Ha. Emerald claims that Ken was left on her doorstep as a baby, but there is more to that story. Another of her new samurai was Shinogi Kanaba. Emerald worked to help Shinogi control his rage, but this was ultimately a failure.

When her new warriors were of age, she renewed her siege on Megacityopolis. Now under control of Big Man, the hooch ridden stooges of Megacityopolis had become lazy and incompetent. They were no match for Ken Ha, Shinogi Kanaba or the rest of her acolytes. Domination was in her grasp when Shinogi betrayed her and joined with Big Man. This was enough to turn the tide of battle and Emerald had no choice but to form an uneasy truce with the gangster.


Big Man – Through the years of the truce, Emerald and Big Man have formed a working relationship. But secretly she is bound to try and overthrow him and rule Megacityopolis once and for all.

Ken Ha – Ken is Emerald’s adopted son and greatest student. She believes it was destiny that brought them together.

Shinogi Kanaba – Emerald views Shinogi’s betrayal as her own greatest failure. Regardless, given the chance she would remove his head from his body for his insubordination if given the chance.

The God Grandma – Emerald plans to use The God Grandma in her plan to rule Megacityopolis. After all, they both want him dead.

Fuzzy Poe – Emerald makes and enforces the rules of Chinatown. They police know they are not welcome there.


“Here is the sound of one hand clapping… …against your face!”

“Wise men do not play leapfrog with unicorns.”