Fuzzy Poe

Fuzzy Poe


Both of Fuzzy Poe’s parents were cops. They gave Fuzzy a utilitarian view of the world, making sure he understood not everything is black and white. Fuzzy will take a bribe, but only if he feels it serves the greater good. This can sometimes put him at odds with other officers on the Megacityopolis Police Force.


Fuzzy has a shaved head. He wears a blue standard issue police uniform and displays his badge proudly. Like all Megacity police officers, he carries a lethal pistol and a non-lethal club. Sometimes his extra cash will fall from his pocket, leaving him with some explaining to do.


Fuzzy is willing to look the other way on petty offenses, for a fee. He believes the quid-pro-quo nature he has with the underground mafia helps him prevent larger catastrophes. It’s okay to do a little evil as long as it is in the service of the greater good. He lays hard into criminals in the interrogation room, not only to gain information on the big picture, but also because it helps him get a better payoff when he lets them go. When a criminal pays him, they are admitting that he’s in control of them.

Mad Skills:

Marksmanship, intimidation, threats, hand to hand combat, detection, investigation, law, driving, tactics, sleight of hand

Fatal Flaw

Compromised – Fuzzy’s unethical behavior can lead to blackmail.


Fuzzy brandished a police-issued pistol and club as part of his uniform. He carries large bills that have a tendency to fall out of his pocket. He drives a police cruiser. He has a whole box of notepads he uses for interrogating witnesses.


Both of Fuzzy Poe’s parents were cops. His parents’ parents were cops, as well as their parents. As a kid, he fantasized about one day becoming a police officer. However, he was disillusioned when his father was removed from the force and imprisoned for corruption. His mother explained to him that sometimes good people had to do bad things in order to achieve the greater good. Fuzzy learned what she meant as his father built relationships with the other inmates in order to gain information, which he fed to Fuzzy’s mother. Using the information, Fuzzy’s mother helped Big Man take over the city, thereby reducing the violence in Megacityopolis. She is now the Chief of the Megacityopolis Police Force.

When Fuzzy joined the force, his modus operandi became to bust low level criminals on petty charges, and then let them go for cash and information. He would use the information to make a higher bust, gaining more cash and more information; thereby working his way to the most devilish of schemes and stopping them. He began to notice that the tips and information always led him to the same place, Megacityopolis City Hall. Fuzzy knew again and again that Megacityopolis’ Mayor, Billy the Club was behind it all. But finding evidence that would stick to Billy was impossible. Anyone that had any dirt on Billy would mysteriously die in bizarre circumstances.

Eventually, Fuzzy was given a tip about a file in the police evidence locker. He found the sealed file and inside was the Maltese MacGuffin! The file had been sealed by his mother. He confronted her about it and she told him about Billy, Kid Gambit, and the warehouse on the docks. The next day she was dead. The official story from the coroner was that she committed suicide by getting hit by a train onto some bullets. Fuzzy knew his mom better than that. It had to be murder and Billy the Club was behind it! Fuzzy began working with his still imprisoned father to finally bring Billy to justice.


Billy the Club – Fuzzy has a driving need to bring Billy to justice; not just through a bogus charge in the courts, but publicly exposed for his corruption. Fuzzy will do anything to achieve this. It is the greatest good.

Snitchy the Rat – Fuzzy interrogates Snitchy regularly as he is a wealth of free information, although not always a reliable narrator.

Big Man – For years Fuzzy has been trying to establish a connection between Big Man and Billy the Club. Now that Big Man is dead, that lead has run cold. Perhaps finding the murderer can lead Fuzzy to the next clue.

Mal Contempt – Fuzzy is in love with Mal, but she does not feel the same.

Shinogi Kanaba – Fuzzy does not know that Shinogi plans to kill him.


“I’ve got a whole box of notepads!”

“Are you sure that’s exactly how it happened?”