Jimmy Locke

Jimmy Locke


Jimmy can open any lock and break any code. He spends his days sitting on a park bench. He spends his evenings chasing women. He spends his nights burglarizing.


Jimmy’s shifty eyes protrude from his ratty, unkempt hair. He wears a red suit with dark blue trim and a matching fedora. He covers his face with a dark blue bandana. He carries whatever weapon he has recently stolen.


While Jimmy tries to be charismatic, his antics are instead very creepy. Jimmy turns everything he says into a pick-up line or other innuendo.

Mad Skills:

Lockpicking, code breaking, burglary, stealth, subterfuge, climbing, escape artist, safecracking, larceny, black market

Fatal Flaw

Creepy – Jimmy’s creepy personality makes it hard to form relationships. People don’t trust him.


Jimmy is so adept at what he does, that he doesn’t need to carry lockpicks or other devices for these tasks. Jimmy has no permanent home or vehicle, usually living from home to home that he breaks into when people are on vacation. He carries whatever weapon he stole last, abandoning other weapons when he finds one better.


It is rumored that Jimmy got his skills as an abused child that was always locked in the closet. He began by escaping from the closet and returning before his abusers caught on. At the age of twelve, Jimmy was picked up by the police as a runaway, but they couldn’t hold him in any of their cells long enough to figure out what to do with him.

Due to his array of useful skills, Jimmy is often recruited for missions by the underworld bosses of Megacityopolis. He has no need for payment because he can easily steal anything he wants. Instead Jimmy works for unspecified favors that he will collect in the future. Desert Posey admired this form of trade and began trading favors with Jimmy.

Jimmy has no goals to speak of. He is content with the life he leads.


Desert Posy – Posy and Jimmy trade favors. Currently he owes her for helping him obtain the Maltese MacGuffin.

The God Grandma – The God Grandma does not know that Jimmy stole her map showing the location of the Maltese MacGuffin.

Joe Mamma – Jimmy is the only other person to know about Joe’s plan to take over Megacityopolis. Although most of the details are still unknown to him.


“Jimmy do. Do do diddly do!”

“Ho! Ho! What else you got in there?”