Ken Ha

Ken Ha


An orphan, Ken Ha was adopted, raised, and trained in martial arts by Emerald Twist. He is a soldier in Emerald’s street samurai. Ken believes in honor and lives by a personal code rather than the law.


Ken never smiles and has serious eyes. Ken wears a purple and turquoise suit with matching hat. He has been known to wear a sword in public.


Ken Ha speaks calmly and seriously, and is always to the point. He lives by a code, and thus speaks honestly. He values honor and family. He even let his brother in arms, Shinogi Kanaba escape after Shinogi killed Sensei Beatstick. Shinogi’s betrayal stings at Ken’s soul because it puts his code at odds with itself.

Mad Skills:

Honor, swords, karate, kung fu, meditation, ninjutsu, acrobatics, multi-lingual, concealment, stealth

Fatal Flaw

Honorbound - Ken Ha will not take actions that betray his code of honor.


Ken usually carries shuriken. He is sometimes known to carry a sword. Ken does not own a vehicle.


When Ken was a baby, he was left on the doorstep of Emerald Twist. Recognizing this as destiny, she raised him as one of her own in Chinatown, training him in her school of criminal samurai assassins. Ken was often paired with student, Shinogi Kanaba, during training. Half of the time, Ken would win the match, and Shinogi would win the other half. Controlled by rage, Shinogi wanted to win all the matches. The sparring partners were both friends and rivals.

During the conflict between Big Man and Emerald Twist, Ken and Shinogi went on many missions together. Working together, instead of competing, strengthened the friendship side of their relationship. However, this was torn asunder when Ken saw Shinogi kill one of their teachers, Sensei Beatstick. Ken allowed Shinogi to escape, but also informed Emerald Twist of Shinogi’s betrayal.


Emerald Twist – Emerald raised and trained Ken as her own son. He would do anything to protect her, even violate his honor if necessary.

Shinogi Kanaba – Ken and Shinogi trained together throughout their childhood. Ken wishes he could find a way to have Shinogi redeem himself and restore their friendship.

Roscoe Sawbuck – Unknown to Ken, Roscoe is his biological brother.

Sensei Beatstick – Sensei Beatstick trained Ken in many martial arts. While Ken accepted the fact that Sensei was part of his clan, Ken always felt that Sensei’s harsh methods were dishonorable.


“It looks like you want a fight. I mean, you could fight… …me."

“Oh honorable universe, the yin and the yang, your warm side embraces me, but the cold side…’s very cold!”