Kid Gambit

Kid Gambit


Ignored as a child by his parents, Kid Gambit learned to gamble dice on the street corner to pass the time. He often lost, but he never bet more than he could afford to lose. He sometimes won, and sometimes won big. Kid Gambit believes in free money; freely earned and freely spent. He collects a storage fee from Big Man and the other bosses for use of the warehouse on the docks he won playing cards.


Kid has a neatly trimmed full beard. He wears a white suit and purple tie. He carries a pistol that shoots firecrackers. He can often be seen playing with cards or flipping his lucky coin.


Kid Gambit likes gambling because he thinks it’s fun. He loves going to Big Man’s parties because he can cut loose and because they usually have a roulette table there. Because gambling for him is about the entertainment, he only bets small amounts. Working is an anathema to Kid. All his money he either wins, or by sitting in his warehouse full of contraband. Kid believes in both easy come and easy go.

Mad Skills:

Gambling, firearms, marksmanship, accounting, statistics, finance, driving, charisma, dancing, making a grand entrance, contract law

Fatal Flaw

Indolent – Kid refuses to put effort into anything except having fun.


Kid carries a non-lethal firecracker pistol. He owns the warehouse on the docks and has a fleet of trucks. He carries with him a wad of cash, a lucky coin, a deck of cards, and dice.


Kid Gambit was born to hard working parents. Because they were usually working, Kid was often left alone. He found entertainment in a game of craps that was being played on the street corner. He would bet his toys, and would often lose them, but whenever he won money, he stashed it away. His parents would have been appalled because the money he was winning was less than the price they had paid for the toys. But they didn’t know.

When Kid started school, he began his own dice game on the playground. Here he could win more toys, which he would gamble on the street corner. This increased the amount of occasional money he would win and stash away.

Eventually Kid heard about a secret card game being played downtown. He gathered up his stash of cash and went to play. The first night he lost a little bit of money, but he had a great time. The same thing happened on the second and third nights. On each of the nights he noticed that the same man, Billy the Club would always win. Billy had a coin he would flip in the air. Out of curiosity, Kid bet Billy $1000 against Billy’s coin on a hand Billy was likely to win. The final card flipped over was the card Kid needed to win. Billy was surprised he lost his lucky coin. He bet $1000 of his own money to try and win the coin back. Kid won again. Now Billy was really in trouble, so he bet his truck to try and get the $1000 and the lucky coin back. But Kid won again. Billy then bet his warehouse on the docks to try and get the coin, the $1000, and the truck back. Kid thought about it. He could afford to lose the $1000 and the truck, but he wanted to keep the coin. Billy agreed and bet the warehouse for the truck and the $1000. Kid won again. Billy then wanted to bet his house to try and win all his losses back. But Kid declined. He liked the idea of owning a warehouse, and never bet anything he couldn’t afford to lose.


Big Man – Big Man’s hooch racket has made life easy for Kid. He also likes Big Man’s parties.

Billy the Club – After Billy lost the lucky coin, he stopped gambling. He and Kid now have a business relationship.

Fuzzy Poe – Kid often pays Fuzzy to look the other way regarding warehouse operations.

Joe Mamma – Kid is aware of Joe’s plan to overthrow Big Man, but isn’t planning on telling him.

Friendly Jobbie – Kid hates Friendly Jobbie’s personality, but then again, who doesn’t.


“Never pass the opportunity to make a grand entrance!”