Mal Contempt

Mal Contempt


Of all the stooges in Megacityopolis, Mal is the toughest. She works discreetly for Billy the Club, making sure no one messes with his goals.


Mal has a stylish haircut. She can fit in at a gala event, or at a dive bar. She wears brown pants and suspenders over a white shirt. She wears a black hat, black gloves, and black boots. While a skilled marksman, she abides by the cartoon code with a pair of brass knuckles.


Mal likes being the best at everything. Her working philosophy is that to be the best, you just have to always be better than whomever the person is you are competing against. She doesn’t think herself better than anyone, she just likes winning. She speaks with well-earned confidence, reinforcing her reputation. Just don’t call her a Mary Sue!

Mad Skills:

Winning, being the best, quick draw, marksmanship, driving, racing, wrestling, competition, reputation, charm

Fatal Flaw

Egotistic – Mal forgets to think about how her actions will affect the people she cares about.


Mal drives a red sports car. She typically relies on her brass knuckles to get the job done.


When Mal was born, she had the best birth she possibly could. She sprinted from the womb, leaped across the floor and yelled, “I’m here world!” Mal excels at everything she tries. She does this by seeing who is the best at the task, and then does it better than them. If there’s one thing she’s good at, its winning at everything.

Billy the Club discovered Mal when he saw her win an alligator wrestling competition. He recruited her as a bodyguard because Big Man was after him after the election. She welcomed the challenge. The stooge Big Man sent was Roscoe Sawbuck. Mal studied Roscoe’s technique of crime. Roscoe was a creative planner who used exotic weaponry. Mal created her infamous pie cannon. She then disguised herself as Billy, and when Roscoe and his squad came, she opened up on them with a lemon meringue barrage.

Mal continues to work as Billy’s bodyguard and sometimes as his liaison into the underworld. Her main contact there is Snitchy the Rat. The likes the reputation that comes from working for the Mayor. However, it is starting to become boring for her and she craves a new challenge.


Billy the Club – Mal is Billy’s right hand woman, taking care of all of his dirty work and making sure that no one messes with the Mayor.

Fuzzy Poe – Fuzzy also works for the City and crosses paths with Mal often. He sees her as a champion of his brand of grey justice, and has a major crush on her. She does not feel the same way.

Snitchy the Rat – Although she would never let him know it, Mal has a secret crush on Snitchy.

Joe Mamma – Kid is aware of Joe’s plan to overthrow Big Man, but isn’t planning on telling him.

Molly Siren – Mal has a strong relationship with Billy’s daughter, Molly.


“Go away. I’m training.”

“I’ve been looking for the person that can beat me. It isn’t you.”