Molly Siren

Molly Siren


Molly is the rebellious daughter of Billy the Club, Mayor of Megacityopolis. While he wants her to obtain high social status like him, Molly craves a life of adventure. She says she wants to be a bank robber. After an incident where she was arrested for breaking into a nearby store, he now has her grounded. She is not allowed to leave the house. Molly is not satisfied with this arrangement.


Molly has mischievous eyes. She wears a white dress with long black gloves and stockings. She owns a knife which she keeps in her purse.


Molly is independent and free willed. She knows who she is, and it is not who her father wants her to be. She knows that she probably doesn’t actually want to be a bank robber. But she knows saying it will push her father’s buttons. For this same reason, she recently changed her last name to Siren.

Mad Skills:

Lockpicking, escape artist, manipulation, deceit, political science, natural beauty, charisma, charm, mathematics, strategist

Fatal Flaw

Rebel – Molly rebels more against what she does not want to be than she pursues who she wants to be. He rebellion may get her into enough trouble to prevent her from becoming who she wants to be.


Molly keeps a knife in her purse along with a set of lockpicks.


Being raised by Billy, Molly was always taught to keep up appearances. He forbade her from eating chocolate, because he considered it unladylike. She was taught to always smile, and tread daintily. She liked her father’s more gruff friends, like Big Man. He was always having fun. One day she saw Big Man on the news. They said he was a criminal. Not only that, they said he was the leader of all the criminals in Megacityopolis. She then started paying attention more to what her father and Big Man’s associates would discuss. Her father wasn’t just the Mayor, he was also part of the criminal underworld! The then realized that all his stress on appearance was just for the sake of appearance. It was a charade without substance, a lie.

Molly didn’t mind her father’s criminal activities, what she minded was that he fooled enough people he was good, that they would vote for him. Molly felt that an honest criminal would be one that didn’t pretend they weren’t a criminal. An image of a bank robber popped into her mind. Things blew up the next day when her father told her that her untucked shirt was unladylike. She screamed at him something about fraternizing with goons being ‘unmayorlike’ and something about becoming a bank robber. After that, their relationship was always more uneasy.

When Molly finished school, she moved out and found a job at the photoplay theater. She was considering becoming a film actress and changed her name to Molly Siren. One day, Billy came into the theater. An argument ensued which ended with Molly yelling that she was going to be the greatest bank robber the world has ever seen. After work, Molly was exhausted. She sat on a couch at the furniture store and fell asleep. When she woke up, the store was closed. When she tried to leave, she set off an alarm and was arrested by Fuzzy Poe. Knowing who she was, Fuzzy released her into the custody of Billy. He has now forbade her to leave the house by threatening to have the police press charges for her break-in, if she does leave.


Billy the Club – Billy is Molly’s overbearing father. He has manipulated her into not being able to leave the house.

Mal Contempt – Mal is Billy’s longtime bodyguard. She was a positive female role model for Molly and cares about Molly deeply.

Roscoe Sawbuck – Although they were never introduced, Molly has seen Roscoe come over to her father’s house with Big Man and thinks he’s cute.



“I’m not just going to be a bank robber; I’m going to be the best bank robber the world has ever seen!”