Roscoe Sawbuck

Roscoe Sawbuck


An orphan, Roscoe grew up in various orphanages and correctional facilities. He joined Big Man’s ranks at an early age, and quickly gained reputation there. Roscoe is a planner, always thinking five steps ahead. But he is also a daring risk taker. Roscoe’s plans often turn out for the worst.


Roscoe’s eyes shift as he schemes and plans. He wears a black suit with matching hat and shoes. He keeps a code compliant pistol concealed on him at all times.


Roscoe is always thinking and usually thinks out loud. The world has always been out to get him and he needs to stay five steps ahead of it. However, Roscoe feels that the world is also plotting and planning. So, he is willing to take risky steps to try and stay ahead of it.

Mad Skills:

Planning, fast talk, marksmanship, mathematics, escape, driving, judge of character, deception, larceny, chess

Fatal Flaw

Risk Taker – Roscoe’s schemes often turn against him.


Roscoe carries a concealed pistol in accordance with the cartoon code, but also has a grenade that is not code complaint. He owns a black sedan.


Roscoe grew up on the streets of Megacityopolis bouncing between orphanages to juvenile correctional facilities and even jail. The first time Roscoe was busted, he was shoplifting on behalf of a group of kids who had threatened him into doing it. That night he realized that he had been put into an unwinnable situation, and indeed most of life was an unwinnable situation. The only way to win was to cheat life at its own rules and be quicker than any potential situation. When the gang threatened him again, he beat the largest one senseless with a pipe. When roscoe was taken back to juvenile hall, but this time with a smile on his face.

When Roscoe joined Big Man’s forces, he felt that life was finally going right for him. And while he did rise through the ranks quickly, it was a shaky experience. Roscoe’s dark fate would creep upon him in surprising ways. For example, he recently accidentally destroyed Big Man’s white limousine.


Big Man – Roscoe works for Big Man as a full-time stooge. He sees Big Man’s power as a blanket that helps protect Roscoe from the cruelty of existence. Roscoe hopes to one day have that same control over his destiny.

Snitchy the Rat – With their recent tiki party adventure, Roscoe feels that he can trust Snitchy to always do the wrong thing. This makes Snitchy predictable, which is comforting to Roscoe.

Desert Posey – Roscoe and Posey were in a brief romantic relationship. Roscoe had originally liked her because she was also a risk taker. However, he broke it off when he realized that her risks were just for the sake of being risky, and not to get ahead. He had realized how dangerous she was.

Ken Ha – Unknown to Roscoe, Ken is his biological brother.

The God Grandma – Roscoe see’s The God Grandma’s challenges to Big Man’s authority as a threat to his own personal safety.


“…and I for one don’t want to end tonight in concrete slippers.”

“Something about this don’t smell right, and it’s not just your cologne.”