Shinogi Kanaba

Shinogi Kanaba


Shinogi was born in Megacityopolis in the Chinatown district. From birth he has been trained in the ways of martial arts by Emerald Twist and her subordinate, Sensei Beatstick. Shinogi hates losing. Even though in matches between him and Ken Ha, he won half the time, this was not good enough for him. Every loss enraged him, which was amplified by Sensei Beatstick’s harsh treatment of Shinogi. Eventually, Shinogi killed Beatstick, and joined Big Man against Emerald Twist.


Shinogi has cruel eyes and often grimaces his teeth. He wears a light brown leather suit and matching hat. He openly carries one of an assortment of martial arts weapons. Of these he prefers the extremely large weapons.


Shinogi’s emotions range from bitter to furious. He is very competitive and when he perceives someone has the upper hand on him, or worse, if he loses something to them, his anger increases. When he hits his boiling point, he will fly into a tantrum; demolishing anything he can get his hands on.

Mad Skills:

Judo, jujitsu, hand to hand weaponry, strength, dexterity, language, karate, horse riding, climbing, boxing

Fatal Flaw

Rage - To say Shinogi’s anger gets the best of him would be an understatement. Once in a fit of rage, he destroyed his favorite candle. This angered him and he destroyed his favorite mirror. Then, really upset by the loss of the mirror, he destroyed his favorite sword. That really made him angry, and he destroyed his favorite teacher.


Shinogi likes big weapons. His sword is five feet long. He has nunchaku made from logs, and shuriken the size of trash can lids.


From birth, Shinogi was trained as a warrior. Warriors face life and death contests, so the importance of winning was instilled in him. A single loss in combat means death. Shinogi sees every loss as failure, but the reality is, one cannot win every time. During training, Shinogi was often matched against Ken Ha, a fellow student who matched Shinogi’s skill. Ken would win about half the time, which meant Shinogi lost about half the time. Shinogi could not accept this and each loss made him more bitter.

Finally, he could not hold his anger in any longer. In a fit of rage, he destroyed a beloved painting owned by Emerald twist. Emerald instructed the head of her dojo, Sensei Beatstick, to remove the anger from Shinogi. Every time Shinogi got angry, Beatstick would beat Shinogi with a beat stick. That is, until Shinogi once got the better of Beatstick, and killed him.

Beatstick’s blood on his hands felt good to Shinogi. He had enough of Chinatown and left to join their rivals, Big Man’s gang. Since joining up with Big Man, Shinogi has not lost a battle or combat. He is a one-man force of destruction.


Emerald Twist – Shinogi knows that one day he will have to face his old master. He feels he must win this battle. He feels that this ultimate victory would validate his rage.

Ken Ha – Killing Ken in an ultimate showdown is just one step towards his goal of defeating Emerald Twist. But it is a step he will relish and enjoy.

Big Man – After Shinogi has used Big Man’s gang in his goal to defeat Emerald, Shinogi plans on defeating Big Man himself and taking over Megacityopolis.

Roscoe Sawbuck – Of all the stooges in Big Man’s gang, Shinogi feels a particular affiliation with Roscoe. When Shinogi takes over the gang, he plans on making Roscoe his righthand man.


“No! I will not be defeated… …EVER!!”