The God Grandma

The God Grandma


The God Grandma was born an heiress to her father, Old Silver’s criminal empire. After waiting her whole life, it was stollen away from her by Big Man. Because he controlled the hooch, the goons and stooges all aligned with him after her father died. The God Grandma wants revenge on Big Man and to claim her rightful place as Crime-Queen of Megacityopolis.


No one is fooled by her milk and cookies demeanor. Her hospitable disposition cannot hide the boiling in her soul. She wears a black formal gown and hides a dagger behind her back.


To The God Grandma, decapitating someone is no reason to be uncouth. When she murders someone she does it politely, as with all things. There’s no reason not to offer someone cookies, just because she is about to shoot them.

Mad Skills:

Persuasion, manipulation, etiquette, finance, bloodletting, deception, charisma, charm, intimidation, blades

Fatal Flaw

Scary - People in her employ are always nervous around her. They’re never sure if she is going to stab them in the next moment, because she’s always polite.


The God Grandma owns a mansion, several cars, a collection of weapons, and a map to the Maltese MacGuffin.


The God Grandma was not always called The God Grandma. Once she was a little girl, the daughter of crime lord, Old Silver. He would take her to the top of the tallest building in Megacityopolis, stretch his arms over the city and tell her, one day this will all be yours. Over the years she tended to her father and learned how to run the crime business. Years and years passed, and her father never retired. He just got older and older.

One night, a stooge employed by Old Silver named Big Man came over for dinner. He brought a surprise, a bottle of something he called hooch. The bubbles in the beverage made anyone who drank it laugh and laugh. Big Man told her father they could make millions by selling the hooch because he had exclusive access to the recipe. So began the hooch business of Megacityopolis.

When her father did finally pass away, she declared herself The God Grandma of Megacityopolis. She ordered Big Man to organize a huge hooch party to announce her control over the city. He told her there was one problem with that; he now controlled Megacityopolis. There was nothing she could do. He controlled the hooch. He controlled the city.

The God Grandma plotted to slowly usurp power from Big Man. She had him followed to find out where he was getting the hooch. This led her to a warehouse by the docks owned by Kid Gambit. She found out that Kid had won the warehouse from Megacityopolis’ Mayor, Billy the Club. Following Billy, she found out that he was indeed connected with Big Man’s stooges. She gathered evidence on Billy and then blackmailed him into letting her into the deal between him and Big Man. Day by day she gathers more power, until she is ready for her master plot to overthrow Big Man and reclaim dominance of the city.


Big Man – The God Grandma will stop at nothing to usurp the power of Big Man and take her rightful place as crime queen of Megacityopolis.

Billy the Club – The God Grandma views Billy as her pawn. She’s right, but then again, he’s everybody’s pawn.

Emerald Twist – The God Grandma plans to use Emerald in her plan to rule Megacityopolis. After all, they both want him dead.

Friendly Jobbie – The God Grandma’s fist.


“Here, have a cookie.”

“No, you should say, ‘Stop torturing me, PLEASE.’”